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Freight Bill Post Audit Services
Transportation costs are in a constant state of change due to the volatile and labor intense nature of the transportation industry. Fluctuating fuel prices, weather, road conditions, available carriers, wage pressures and other factors create an environment in which carriers must increase their pricing, these pricing adjustments along with many other factors can create a host of errors within the rating structure and invoicing with result in excessive costs to the shipper.

Small Parcel Audit Services
Service failures occur frequently with Federal Express and UPS and many other parcel providers. In most cases these failures go undetected or are not considered important, as long as the package is received within a reasonable time by the consignee. The fact still remains that if you pay for a guaranteed service to have a package delivered by a specified time, or if its part of the carriers service guarantee and the obligation is not fulfilled, you are entitled to a full refund even if it is one minute late.

Consulting and Counseling
As your consultants our analysts will conduct a full and complete Freight Audit Analysis and cost optimization .  The analysis will pinpoint areas where your company has incurred excessive freight costs. The analysis is based on companies in your geographic area with similar transportation moves . These costs are not overcharges assessed by your carriers, but extra costs accrued by your company. We will work to identify rate deductions, discounts with current carriers, and assist you in negotiations with your current carriers and either assist you in alternative carrier selections and negotiations or negotiate on your behalf.

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